Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to register for an account to buy stuff?

Why no! No you don't. We totally understand how frustrating it is to have to "sign up" for an account all over the place. You can make your purchase without setting up an account. 

What do you do with my personal information?

Not a thing! Well, we DO use it to send you anything you might order. And we might occasionally send you an email letting you know what's going on with Crystal (you can opt out of that for sure!). But that's it really. We won't spam you. We won't sell your information to the highest bidder. We won't make you regret doing business with us!

Why do you use PayPal? Is my credit card information safe?

I'll tell you the truth. We use PayPal for one reason and one reason only. They make buying things on line absolutely safe and secure! How? Well think about it. Crystal is a superstar. She doesn't have time to worry about whether her website is "hack proof." So, by teaming up with PayPal, your credit card information NEVER even sees Crystal's website. PayPal handles all the security. We tell them you want to buy from us and how much it is.  And they tell us you've paid and to send you your stuff. So even if someone does hack our website, they can't get your financial information - because it's not here! Smart, right?

I don't have a PayPal account. Can't I just use a credit card?

One of the things that makes PayPal so great is that you don't even have to have an account with them to buy stuff! That's right! Oh, if you do have an account, then that's OK. But if you don't have an account, you can still use PayPal to check out with your credit card. Sure, they'll ask you if you want to sign up.  Just say no.  And they will process your card, send you a receipt, tell us to ship your stuff, and that will be it. No PayPal account required. Just look down below where they want you to sign in to PayPal for the credit card option. You'll love it! Promise!

How do you ship my things?

We use the Post Office - Flat Rate Shipping.  You know... "If it fits, it ships!" This let's us ship everywhere - including PO boxes.  And it's really inexpensive.

Can't I just pick up my things?

Sure! Item's can be picked up at LUSH at 990 Central Ave in Minneapolis during normal business hours. But please wait until we notify you that your order is ready. We have a lot of items in stock, but some are made to order and will take a little while to manufacture and deliver to LUSH. And while you're there, have a fabulous cocktail, taste some of the most amazing "bar food" you've ever had, and take in a show. It's a hoot and a holler!