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- Miss Gay Iowa at Large 2013

- Best Non-Finishing Finalist at Miss Gay USofA at Large 2013, 2014

-Miss Queen of Hearts 2014

-Miss Lush 2017

-1st Runner up to Miss Illinois Continental Plus 2015

-Top 12 Finalist for Miss Continental Plus 2016,2017

-1st Runner up to Miss Missouri Continental Plus 2016

-National Showgirl at Large 2017

A Note From Crystal:

At a young age I think I always knew I was destined to be in the art of female impersonation. I remember when I was younger and in preschool, my fellow classmates and I would play house and I would always be the mom. Maybe it’s my maternal instinct, or maybe it’s just that I have always liked a nice dress…either way it has me here today!

My freshman year of college I snuck into the bar I would later call my home and family and saw my first drag show. I can picture it like it was yesterday; I was watching the infamous Dena Cass. She was wearing this fiery orange beaded fringe costume and big hair doing a dance song on a Friday night. I sat in the corner meek and shy not really knowing what to say or do but I knew at that moment that I wanted to be like her. She has since become one of my mentors and friends and I can honestly say I probably wouldn’t be doing drag without her.

That year I started doing open stage shows at Studio 13 in Iowa City. I ran for my first pageant shortly after that and came in second. It was a preliminary to Miss Iowa USofA and back then I didn’t realize the importance that would have on my life. It lit a fire in my soul for competitions and I since have been competing in various pageants. I primarily ran for the USofA system, one of many great systems. I competed in Iowa USofA for a 4 years before running for Miss Iowa USofA at Large (a division for plus sized queens). I won the first year I ran and was ecstatic that I got to compete at the national level! The next two years I competed and ran at the national level placing the same each time as “best non-finishing finalist” or just outside of the top 12.

Last year, I worked incredibly hard to compete at Miss Continental Plus. I am happy to say that it was my first time achieving a top 12 status! I ended 8th overall in the nation which was my greatest achievement. This year I hope to get even farther ahead by putting together an amazing package. I can't do that without your help though so please check out my GoFundMe account or maybe purchase a piece of merchandise. I am teaming up with Coit Photography and Booster this year to give you options of different things to buy this year. A portion of every purchase you make will go towards my overall fund to help me purchase things necessary to hit that goal of winning the crown! 

Continental Plus 2017 (Gown by JD Martin and Hair by Sandra Lopez)

Swimwear at Continental Plus 2017 (Swimwear by JD Martin and Hair by Sandra Lopez)



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